Fungal rashes, sometimes known as mycosis, are skin or nail diseases caused by a fungus. There are millions of fungi species living on dirt, plants, household surfaces, and your skin. However, fungal rashes occur when certain fungi develop on your body directly or come in contact with your skin.

Failure to treat fungal rashes can lead to discomfort, infection, and persistent cosmetic issues that are difficult to handle until you address the fungus.

There are several different types of fungal rash, most notably the following:


Otherwise known as tinea, ringworm is a common fungal skin infection that affects your skin, scalp, feet, or the groin area. It typically produces itchy, red, raised scaly patches that may eventually blister and ooze. As the name suggests, the patches often have the appearance of a ring, but this isn’t a worm — just a fungus.

Nail Fungus

Fungus on your nails often has the appearance of a white spot, and it may eventually turn yellow, brown, or green. Over time, infected nails can thicken, lift up from the finger or toe, or crumble. This fungus is highly contagious, and you can contract it by simply walking on the same surface as someone with athlete’s foot or nail fungus on their toes.

Athlete’s Foot

This is a fungal rash that primarily affects the feet, but it’s not limited to athletes. The majority of athlete’s foot cases come from dermatophytes, a group of fungi that also cause jock itch and ringworm. Athlete’s foot is contagious, but it can also develop in areas that are constantly surrounded by moisture in footwear.

Jock Itch

Appearing on warm, moist areas such as the groin, inner thighs, and buttocks, jock itch infections happen more often in the summer or in warm, wet climates. You’ll experience itching, chafing, or burning, and it will often appear as a red, circular rash with raised edges.

Fungal Rash Treatment at Image Renu Dermatology

Fungal rashes are an extremely common ailment that can cause many problems if ignored. Fortunately, treatment is often simple and provides immediate relief. If you’re dealing with a fungal rash, or may think a fungal rash is present, don’t delay treatment. The team at Image Renu Dermatology can diagnose and treat a variety of fungal rashes, providing effective relief that will diminish the discomfort of your rash and clear it up.

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