Eczema is a disease that affects the skin by making it dry, itchy, and discolored. While much more prevalent in younger ages, eczema (commonly known as atopic dermatitis) also affects a large number of adults, with varying degrees of severity and locations on the body.

While the effects of eczema can occur anywhere on the body, those who are living with eczema may be particularly impacted when the affected areas are on the face and neck. This cannot only create ongoing discomfort, but also splotches of red skin, bumps on the skin, and the occasional wound or infection from scratching.

Unfortunately, eczema cannot be fully cured, but it can be effectively managed, minimized, and virtually eliminated with the right regimen of medications and skincare products, along with some possible lifestyle changes as well.

Eczema Treatment at Image Renu Dermatology

Each case of eczema is unique, thus requiring a customized approach that takes several different factors into consideration. Our team of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners have years of experience in helping patients manage and treat their eczema, including certain treatments that can smooth and help minimize damage to the skin.

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