Acne comes in many different forms, any of which can negatively affect the look of your skin while also hindering your self-confidence. Despite what many think, acne isn’t just a problem for young people and teenagers; it can affect any age and any skin type.

As one of the most common types of skin problems, patients now have endless choices for combating acne, mainly in the form of the various over-the-counter products that each promise dramatic results. Unfortunately, these products are rarely as successful as they claim to be, and often lead to undesirable side-effects — including redness and dry skin.

Everyone’s acne is different, which means acne treatments should be tailored to your unique skin type and needs to ensure optimal effectiveness. The expert team at Image Renu Dermatology is an experienced and leading provider of acne treatments in the Dallas area who takes great pride in helping patients achieve smoother, clearer skin.

Professional Acne Treatments at Image Renu Dermatology

You don’t have to suffer from stubborn acne any longer — relief is in reach! Our Dermatology Nurse Practitioner can evaluate your acne and skin needs and develop a unique treatment plan consisting of specific products and skin treatments that will clear up your acne while nourishing your skin.

Contact Image Renu Dermatology today to talk to us about your acne treatment needs. We’d love to help you get the results you’ve always wanted: smooth, clear and vibrant skin that gives you a boost in confidence from looking your best!

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