Are your eyebrows looking a little thin, uneven, or in need of a more enhanced look? Brow tinting is the solution! This simple process involves applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and improve the definition of your brows. Consider this an easy way to provide yourself with a more refined and youthful look.

Eyebrow tinting works on most skin types, skin tones, or hair colors.

How It Works

The average brow tinting session takes about 15 minutes. To start, our specialist will discuss how you want your brows to look. We’ll then prep the area by cleaning the brows and applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to prevent any accidental skin staining. We apply a dye, leave it on for a few minutes to attain the ideal color, and then remove any excess. That’s it!

The tinting typically lasts for three to six weeks after application. We suggest coming in every four to six weeks for touch-ups if you want to maintain your color.

Brow Tinting at Image Renu Dermatology

Refine and enhance your natural look with fuller brows and consistent coloring! Brow tinting at Image Renu Dermatology is always a fast and simple process done with precision and care, and resulting in beautiful, even brows during each visit.

Enhance Your Natural Brows in Minutes

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