Broken blood vessels on the face — sometimes referred to as spider veins — can significantly hinder the appearance of your skin, causing uneven tone, irregular red lines, and a persistent blush-like appearance. Commonly found on the face or legs, spider veins may appear anywhere on the body. While harmless, broken blood vessels can become a nuisance if they make you self-conscious. The good news is that spider veins are typically treatable. Image Renu Dermatology in Dallas, TX, has the solutions you need to eliminate spider veins on your face permanently.  Our trained, certified medical staff will work with you to determine the underlying cause and discuss all your viable cosmetic treatment options to clear your skin and give you the healthy, glowing complexion you deserve. We also provide you with guidance on continuous treatment regimens and prevention so you can make your broken blood vessels and spider veins on your face a thing of the past.

The Causes of Spider Veins

Spider veins can affect anyone. Broken blood vessels can impact adults and children, and your risk factors depend on the particular cause of the affliction. They are prevalent in patients with a family history of heart or blood flow conditions, and they can appear during an illness. Spider veins are a common occurrence for many people as they age, but they are also brought on by other factors including:

  • Prolonged Sun Exposure:  The sun’s rays enlarge spider veins and draw them closer to the skin’s surface.
  • Sudden Changes in Air Pressure or Weather: Dramatic changes in the weather or air pressure can change the circulation within the body, causing facial skin to flush and small blood vessels to appear. 
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause spider veins to manifest. They usually disappear after the baby’s birth.
  • Environmental Irritants: Dangerous exposure to certain chemicals or environmental pollutants may damage the skin and cause the blood vessels to be more noticeable near the skin’s surface.
  • Injuries:  Injuries, particularly head injuries, can cause broken blood vessels and spider veins in the face. These issues heal as the injury does and generally disappear over time.  
  • Rosacea: This common condition causes the skin to become flushed and red because of enlarged veins. Spider veins are very common with Rosacea. 
  • Excess Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol can temporarily dilate the blood vessels. Continuous abuse of alcohol can cause longer-lasting broken blood vessels and permanent redness of the face.
  • And more

Our Full Range of Treatment Options for Spider Veins on the Face

While broken blood vessels are solely a cosmetic issue, they cannot be fully dealt with by using store-bought products or home treatments. When you are experiencing signs of spider veins of the face due to broken blood vessels, you should schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our trained cosmetic specialists right away. Image Renu Dermatology will be able to diagnose your condition and offer various effective spider veins treatment options to address the causes and physical symptoms of your affliction. The most effective treatment options we offer include:

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): IPL utilizes specially designed lights that penetrate deep into your skin’s lower layers to effectively diminish the appearance of broken blood vessels and spider veins. Our state-of-the-art laser technology emits powerful wavelengths of light, which are absorbed by the color red. The energy of the light cauterizes and closes blood vessels immediately. Patients notice a considerable reduction of spider veins and a significant clearing of their skin after one to two sessions.
  • Sclerotherapy: Though primarily used for the legs and feet, Sclerotherapy can be an effective treatment for the face as well. Our trained, certified specialists inject sclerosing agents to diminish broken blood vessels in only a few short weeks. This injected material seals the blood vessels and causes the visible blood to disappear.  
  • Retinoid: Topical retinoid cream is useful for many skin conditions, including spider veins. It helps reduce the visibility of spider veins and boosts your skin’s overall health and vitality. Any dry skin, redness, or itching at the application site should dissipate a few days after application.  

Eliminate Broken Blood Vessels and Facial Redness at Image Renu Dermatology

Restore the even tone of your skin and regain your confidence by letting the team at Image Renu Dermatology address broken blood vessels and persistent redness on your face and skin. Our staff of experienced skincare specialists can evaluate your skin issues, recommend a course of action based on your unique individual needs, and deliver lasting results that will have your skin looking its best. Contact us today to schedule your personalized appointment and let us give you clear, healthy skin once more.

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