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Image Renu Dermatology is the premier source for professional dermatology care in Dallas, Texas, leveraging unparalleled expertise and skill to ensure healthy and radiant skin for patients of any age and skin type. We specialize in providing individualized skincare treatments and procedures that will help you look and feel your best, while refining and optimizing your natural appearance.

Medical Services

Image Renu Dermatology offers a wide range of medical services that address a number of skin problems and issues — including chronic conditions requiring an advanced level of treatment. Our professional dermatologic care combines the latest methods and procedures with a compassionate and attentive approach to deliver a tailored treatment plan that is best for your needs.

Cosmetic Services

Our cosmetic services are known for their lasting effectiveness and attention to the finest of details. The Image Renu Dermatology team possesses years of experience in offering a full spectrum of treatments and procedures that can rejuvenate and improve the look of your skin, providing a substantial boost to your confidence while still preserving a natural appearance.


We carry a diverse inventory of the most regarded, innovative, and ultimately effective skincare products in the world, each carefully analyzed and hand-picked by the Image Renu Dermatology team. Equally important, these products are expertly matched to your unique skincare needs and goals by our experienced team of professionals, ensuring maximum effectiveness and results within a customized treatment plan.

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