South Seas Spray Tan in Dallas

Want that sun-kissed look without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure or a tanning bed? Try spray tanning at Image ReNu in Dallas! Get an all-over bronzed glow in less time than it takes to apply a self-tanning lotion or gel. And since it dries quickly; your clothes, your bed and your furniture are less likely to get a “tan” of their own.

South Seas’ all natural solution does not contain alcohol, making it great for all skin types, including dry skin. Choose a South Seas spray tan for an even, bronzed appearance to give you that natural summery glow – visit Image ReNu for your spray tan!

Prepare for Your Spray Tan

• Any waxing should be done prior to your spray tan.
• Exfoliate.
• It’s OK to wear lotion the day of your spray tan.
• Wear a dark swimsuit or undergarment and flip flops to your session.
• Wear dark, loose clothing, as the cosmetic bronzer may rub off.

How to Maintain your Tan

• After your spray tan, avoid showering, swimming or perspiring for eight hours.
• Use minimal body wash while showering, and apply moisturizer after.
• Your spray tan will last over a week on your body.
• Prolong your tan with tinted moisturizer, especially with excessive water exposure.

The South Seas Spray Tan is evenly applied by a trained professional in minutes. It dries instantly, is not sticky, and smells amazing.
South Seas only uses organic DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA is the active ingredient in all self-tanners and was approved by the FDA for use on the body in 1977.

If you elect to have your face sprayed, ask your technicians for facial protection.
There have been no reported side effects from DHA; however, if you have had an allergic reaction to any self-tanner, abstain from spray tanning.

For more information about a South Seas Spray Tan or to schedual an apointment call Image ReNu at Wallnut Hill in Dallas at (214) 987-2828 or click the button bellow.

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