Closeup of smiling woman with laser rejuvenated face

Skin Resurfacing Treatments by Image ReNu

Get a smoother, clearer, and more youthful appearance with our skin resurfacing
treatments. This can be done through non-ablative methods, like chemical peels or
energy-based treatments, like laser resurfacing.

Laser Resurfacing Therapy

Our laser skin resurfacing therapy removes damaged or discolored areas of skin on
almost any area of your body. This treatment activates new collagen skin cell growth.
It’s an outpatient procedure — with a much shorter downtown than surgical cosmetic
procedures. Your laser therapy plan may involve a series of treatments, depending
on your skin needs.

Facial Resurfacing Treatments

We can treat many facial skin conditions — such as those caused by aging or UV
exposure — through laser skin resurfacing. Below are skin conditions we commonly
treat for clients:

  • Static wrinkles — visible at all times that don’t change in appearance with facial movements.
  • Dynamic wrinkles — appearing as folds, when the skin isn’t moving, but deepen with facial movements.
  • Freckles, sun spots, melisma, or other dark spots from sun exposure.
  • Veins and blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin.
  • Weakening of the supportive skin structure causing a loss of skin firmness, or cellulite development.

Professional and Comforting Staff

While not as involved as surgical cosmetic procedures, laser resurfacing is a medical procedure. Our on-site medical professionals and expert staff will provide you safe and effective laser skin resurfacing treatments. We’ve helped clients with many skin types and conditions improve their skin this way — but it may not be right for everyone. Our staff is ready to help you determine what skin resurfacing treatment is best for your needs.

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