Sente Bio Serum for Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Fillers

Erase the fine lines and weathered look of ageing with SENTÉ Bio Complete Serum. As one of the most frequently dermatologist-recommended skin care products, SENTÉ Bio Complete is ideal for skin rejuvenation and repairing.

How SENTÉ Bio Complete Serum Rejuvenates Skin

The lightweight, medical-grade serum contains retinoids which increase collagen production and cell renewal. The serum also contains heparan sulfate, a compound that stimulates cell growth and increases skins responsiveness to other care products, leaving skin glowing and smooth.

Use as a Smooth Skin Treatment

When applied nightly or as directed by a dermatologist, skin texture becomes smoother. Its ingredients work to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming skin.

Skin Fillers Create Plump, Fuller-looking Skin

SENTÉ Bio Serum not only smooths the look of skin, but it also acts as an effective skin filler to plump the look of mature skin. The increased production of collagen creates fuller-looking skin.

sente bio serum

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